Liquid Hand Soap Bergamot & Verbena

Palmolive Liquid Hand Soap Bergamot & Verbena

Palmolive Bergamot & Verbena is infused with natural bergamot oil from Southern Italy, and verbena extracts. Its refreshing blend leaves your hands pleasantly fragranced

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Take time to breathe

Help combat day to day stress and elevate your mood by taking just ten minutes out a day to breathe deeply. Doing this in the shower combines the soothing sensation of hot water and can help activate the body's natural relaxation response.

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Green is a harmonious, balancing colour and is a great aid to relaxation. Its soothing tone promotes feelings of peace and inner calm. The colour of nature, green is verdant and bursting with life.

Colour therapy

A world of scents

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Dive into a symphony of luxurious aromatic nuances blended with precious oriental notes to please and soothe your senses.

Scent therapy