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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is something that affects a number of people. It is often caused by eating or drinking something hot, cold, sweet or acidic.    Read "What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?" article

What is Tooth Sensitvity?

Tooth sensitivity is a common name for dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks.   Read "What is Tooth Sensitvity?" article

Treatment Options for Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is due to the exposure of dentin, the part of the tooth which covers the nerve, either through loss of the enamel layer or recession of the gums.    Read "Treatment Options for Tooth Sensitivity" article

Does Aspirin Cause Tooth Erosion?

Should you chew aspirin or swallow it whole? Research indicates that one method is better for the health of your teeth. Read "Does Aspirin Cause Tooth Erosion?" article

Enamel Erosion — How It Affects Your Teeth

If you’ve noticed an increase in sensitivity or a discoloration of your teeth, you may be suffering from tooth enamel erosion. Find out if you’re at risk and how to prevent damage through simple diet changes. Read "Enamel Erosion — How It Affects Your Teeth" article

Enamel Erosion and Sensitive Teeth – What Do You Do?

Learn what causes enamel erosion and how to relieve the tooth sensitivity that often comes with it. Read "Enamel Erosion and Sensitive Teeth – What Do You Do?" article

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Guide to Brushing

Test your brushing skills with our FUN 3-D brusher.
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