Colgate Palmolive first launch a soap in the 1970’s and is now found in over 120 countries. In 1990 the range was expanded to cater to different skin protection needs. Protex launched a multi variant concept 1,2,3 which included 3 variants, Gentle, Balance, and Ultra. The brand was expanded into new geographies such as Central Europe, Asia and is currently in over 120 Countries.
After establishing Protex in the Bar soap Category, the Brand expanded into new Categories such as Shower Gel and Liquid hand Soap.

Protex is the #1 brand in Hygiene soap

Protex competitive properties:

  1. Protex builds a long-lasting barrier of protection against germs
  2. Protects against 99.9% of germs
  3. Helps to maintain skins natural hydration
  4. Dermatologists tested
  5. Best-in-class fragrances

What the brand stands for:

Healthy Protection for a better life- Protex aims to provide families with the best daily protection against harmful factors that threaten their health, creating a safe environment so they can achieve their goals and get ahead in life


  1. It is about health protection
  2. AntiGerm
  3. It is for everyday use
  4. It is for the whole family
  5. It is mothers doing what is best for their families

Protects against 99.9% of Germs
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