Palmolive Absolute Relax

Palmolive Absolute Relax

Savour the relaxing effects of Palmolive Aromatherapy Absolute Relax in your shower. With a soothing scent, its formula is infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil and extract of delicate Iris. The essence of relaxation in a blissful shower moment.

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Put on some relaxing sounds

The more you can surround yourself with positive, relaxing sounds, the more relaxed your mind and body will be. So while you are bathing or showering, use music to take you away from it all. Gentle classical music works well, as do natural sounds like ocean waves or tropical rainforests.

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Purple is the colour of luxury and relaxation. It has many properties including the ability to soothe emotional stress and encourage deep contemplation and meditation. Purple also offers a sense of spirituality; it encourages creativity and lifts spirits.

Colour therapy

A world of scents

Discover the fragrance of Palmolive Absolute Relax

Aromatic notes blended with Ylang Ylang flower and soft iris to relax your senses. A symphony of floral & aromatic notes to soothe your senses in the shower!

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