Palmolive Sensual

Palmolive Sensual

Fall under the seductive scent of Palmolive Aromatherapy Sensual in your shower. With a deep and vibrant fragrance, its formula is infused with luxurious Moroccan Rose essential oil and extract of Ginseng, giving you a blissful shower moment.

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Scented candles

Scented candles in the bathroom promote an atmosphere of well-being and they are particularly good to help relieving stress after a hard day. The traditional number one scent for relaxation is lavender, but Ylang-Ylang, sandalwood, and rose are also great for releasing built up tension.

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Red is one of the most dynamic colours. It has an energising effect on mind and body. Rooms which are decorated red can be stimulating, although red should not be the dominating colour in areas in which you wish to rest and relax.

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A world of scents

Discover the fragrance of Palmolive Sensual

An elegant and sensual combination of deep floral notes of Rose and extract of Ginseng to wrap you in a warm and delicate scent. An intensely seductive fragrance to intoxicate your senses in the shower!

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